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Vancouver chinese dating

It’s seen over 100,000 migrants move to Vancouver in the past 30 years.They have all the money they could possibly need and star in a popular reality TV show, but while filming with the Ultra Rich Asian Girls for Dateline, Aaron Thomas finds that wealth can be a double-edged sword.“Time changes, everywhere changes,” another of the girls Chelsea Jiang tells Aaron.She and Pam both run their own businesses and reject criticism of their lifestyle and wealth.

These conspicuous consumers are the public face of a controversial migration trend.The first Chinese immigrants arrived in Canada 160 years ago, but Vancouver’s once thriving Chinatown is now struggling to survive.Pam admits that she only recently visited for the first time in 13 years.The extravagance of the fuerdai lifestyle is contentious, both inside and outside China. KEVIN LI: There's a huge range of responses from my show, anything from utter disgust to utter fascination, the disgusting part of course is the amount of money that's been thrown around, they are talking about the Hermes handbag, starts at ,000 and you know, you just can't have one, you have to have a few, right? The news hates it, everybody hates it there, but they love talking about and they'll continue to watch it, so they can find something to hate about it. CHELSEA JIANG: So they decided to move to Canada, because it's peaceful, everybody is acceptable, it's loving. Pam says when she first got to Vancouver, she found the Chinese population here foreign.PAM ZHAO: Back then it was mainly people from Hong Kong or people from Taiwan so when I got here I was kind of the first one of the mainlanders who actually got here.

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“The disgusting part is the amount of money that’s being thrown around.” “People in mainland China hate it…