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Validating form c

Then, it also implies the use of the Design Specification to feed the construction process.

Every time the output of a process correctly implements its input specification, the software product is one step closer to final verification.

" On the other hand, software validation is: "Was X what we should have built? " Building the right product implies creating a Requirements Specification that contains the needs and goals of the stakeholders of the software product.

If such artifact is incomplete or wrong, the developers will not be able to build the product the stakeholders want.

Examples of artifact verification: Validation during the software development process can be seen as a form of User Requirements Specification validation; and, that at the end of the development process is equivalent to Internal and/or External Software validation.

Requirements should be validated before the software product as whole is ready (the waterfall development process requires them to be perfectly defined before design starts; but, iterative development processes do not require this to be so and allow their continual improvement).

Examples of artifact validation: It would imply to verify if the specifications are met by running the software but this is not possible (e. Only by reviewing its associated artifacts, someone can conclude if the specifications are met.

If the output of a process is incorrect, the developers are not building the product the stakeholders want correctly.

This kind of verification is called "artifact or specification verification".

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It is normally the responsibility of software testers as part of the software development lifecycle.