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Updating trainz driver

The TD2016 version does not include the Surveyor, Test Track, Content Manager or Download Station components and comes at an appropriately lower price point.Our aim is to provide a simplified “entry level” experience without the complexity of the world building and content management tools so that you can just “get straight in start exploring”.There are a set of sliders which can be adjusted according to the performance of your machine or even the layout.Essentially the eye is happy at 24 fps which is used in the film industry so if your machine is capable of more than this at the default settings then you can move the sliders across to the right, if your machine isn't quite powerful enough then you may slide them across to the left.There is now a clear choice for users between the older “32-bit” versions (including the original Trainz released in 2001 right through to Trainz 12) and the “New Era” of 64-bit/DX11 Trainz based upon the new TANE game engine.From the information being gathered in our recent TANE SP1 survey, the feedback conclusively shows us that the majority of users who have tried out the “New Era” have now chosen it as their all-time favorite.

Your Steam key or download link will be emailed next week to the address we have on file.The distance slider for example controls the cut off for scenery in the distance.This cuts down the number of polygons that the computer has to deal with thus allowing the hardware to show more frames per second.Users have access to the same routes and sessions as in the full “TANE” version and DLC items purchased for TANE will work in TD2016 and vice versa.Buyers of TD2016 from our Simulator Central store will also receive a discount code to upgrade to the full TANE version.

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This Trainz page is dated or in need of reorganization and improvement, and as such has been listed for Clean-up as soon as we can get around to it.