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Pah all those other ppl wasting their lives watching tv instead need to do something more productive!Me n my GF also decided not to fall into the marketing crap this year also.)Reverted mp_forcecamera changes from previous release and set TF2 default back to 1About time!I also wish they would fix the hitbox issues on melee weapons generally where it seems to be possible to hit from 4 or 5 feet away.I would also really love a reduction in the crit rate for rockets too (valve take note, but I'm not holding my breath!) ;)However, played earlier as a demo and the low ammo level really sucked :(As a medic, I'm very happy to have less grenade and rocket spam.

* Added server log entry for buildings destroyed by their owner * Fixed sentry gun shadows being clipped * Updated glass material Source TV * Source TV now uses a hidden slot on the game server.

This should help attacking teams build momentum* Minor visual tweaks to the BLU side between capture points 2 and 3* Clipped off a super high (demo pipe jump) perch in the middle area* Increased base round timer to 10 minutes* Added windows overlooking the final cap from the capture point 2 building (via new room next to conveyor route)* Minor changes to lighting in the middle area* Moved the middle spawn points farther forward (saves 6-7 seconds off a Heavy's run from this spawn to enemy capture point 2)* Reduced spawn advantage/penalty to a total of -/ 6 seconds when on the final cap (from 10 seconds)* Fixed material alignment and model interpenetration issues in home spawn rocket rooms Source TV* Increased default bandwidth rate from 5 to 8 KB/sec for spectator clients* Increased Source TV demo buffer size for table class descriptions from 64 to 96KB.

Team Fortress 2 was running over this* Performance improvement for copying unreliable data buffers to Source TV clients* Updated the list of events in TF2 tagged for the director to play"taken from area=news) Thanks to Doom Wolf for finding this out :)Latest fixes for TF2 released Wednesday 21st (Lets hope this means they fixed Gravelpit)Updates to Team Fortress 2 and the Source Engine have been released.

This allows for 24 player servers to also have a Source TV proxy connected to it * Fixed Pyro's flamethrower flames not showing up in Source TVSo it comes out at 7pm UK time on Valentine's Day!

Needless to say, I won't be playing TF2 tomorrow night.

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Fixes weapons in Source TV attached to wrong bones Pass over spectator UI and scoreboard in Source TV mode, disabled/changed some VGUI elements ALT will switch to Auto-Director mode in Source TVLatest big change: Team Fortress 2 * Sudden Death mode is now a server option (a convar) and defaults to OFF * Sapped buildings now take slightly less damage from the Spy who sapped them * The Medic's Medigun now charges at an increased rate during Setup time, to remove the need for self-damage grinding * Fixed an rcon/console command that could cause server crashes * Prevented players from playing the "civilian" class * Prevented players from hiding their name in the scoreboard * Fixed exploit where the Medigun Uber Charge wouldn't drain if you switched weapons * Fixed decals not being correctly applied to the world in some cases * Fixed critical bullet tracers not being visible to players other than the firer * Fixed first person spectator view of the Spy watch not showing the correct cloak value * Fixed the teleporter's player shaped particles not drawing * Fixed the flamethrower stuttering when firing directly into a building * Fixed a rare crash that can happen when a player being healed leaves the server suddenly * Fixed rocket trail effects sometimes existing permanently in world * Added effects to players when they earn an achievement, visible to other players nearby * Tweaked achievement HUD fonts and color palette for more readability * Improved stat gathering for map play times to increase accuracy * Improved stat gathering around draws to better understand why they're occurring * Fixed occasional misreporting of syringe gun & fireaxe damage distances to the stats system * Fixed an occasional crash caused by an achievement not being found during a game announcement Dustbowl * Now waits until either team wins fully before changing to another map on server timelimit expiring * Teams now score a point per captured control point, rather than per sub round * Prevented Demomen being able to launch grenades into the stage three alleys while standing at the final cap point * Fixed gaps in stage gates that allowed snipers to kill defenders during setup * Fixed several model and brush perch exploits in stage three * Added stair access to the upper area in stage three after the first cap * Limited line-of-sight at the first control point in stage 3 to remove a griefable sniper spot Followed by: Team Fortress 2* Restricted sound engine updates to a max of 100fps* Fixed the problem with mp_maxrounds not correctly counting the number of rounds for Dustbowl after the scoring change* Fixed cloaked/disguised/disguising spy reporting his achievements to everyone else* Added the ability for servers to have map-specific files in the cfg folder (missed in yesterday's release notes)Multiplayer dialog to filter custom game files being downloaded from servers Fixed cases where ragdolls were falling through the world Graphics optimizations for mid and low end hardware Fixed players blocking doors in Well Fixed engineer building in exploit areas on final caps in Well Increased starting round timer to 10 minutes in Well New update: Team Fortress 2 Update Released January 14, 2008, pm - Jason Ruymen Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released.

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