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It's sun, surf and sex as far as the eye can see, but Natasha is still reeling from her failed attempt at a relationship with Clint.

Jess sees Sam at the party and overreacts as usual.Everyone talks about early Christmas memories where Winston wishes Santa was actually real.When he is made fun off everyone starts throwing things at one another.Jess try's to leave Sam but she keep running into windows because they are so clean.Sam wants to get back together with Jess but she is not as sure now.

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Nick decides to announce over the Mic that he wants to be with Angie.

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  2. Great place for meeting new people who totally understand what you've been through or what your going through and wont judge you because of what you dress or look like. I have meet so many kick ass people, no one rocks harder than Jimmy, Akumi, my Joe's and LEO!!!!