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This is also why he loves platforms like Instagram where he can see how visitors actually react to Snøhetta’s creations.“To see raw footage coming out of people’s interests is a great tool.

Part pilgrimage, part team-building exercise, part AGM, the trip is still an important ritual for Snøhetta co-founder Craig Dykers.

We still have the capacity to be savants as designers, and people still want that.

“Designers can channel ideas and take you in directions you might not have thought about or allow you to see underneath your everyday thoughts.

“So all the water still follows the same watercourses that it did before any asphalt or any buildings were put there,” Craig says.

“You can have a feeling or intuition about a place and that leads you to an historical precedent you didn’t know about.”“Since designing the banknotes we are more consciously aware of what our marks mean to people.

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When you make a mark on a wall or a piece of paper there’s a significance to that which we often overlook.”He clearly enjoys working on big civic projects like Times Square, where a combination of location and heritage stitch them into a city’s very fabric.

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