Singles china chinese dating

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Singles china chinese dating

China’s Communist Youth League (CYL) is playing cupid for over 100 million youngsters in the country.

To encourage singles to go out on a date, other government bodies, including labour unions and women’s federations, have organised such events. Without a family, people will lose their motivation to work diligently, and too many single people will eventually affect social stability,” Suo, an employee at the Women’s Federation in East China’s Jiangsu Province, told the Global Times.

It's not explicitly mentioned that these men resolve their differences with their girlfriends by apologizing, but it remains that 28 percent of women in the survey never attempt to conciliate with their boyfriends.

The inequality between genders only intensifies when it comes to money.

READ: Cost of Marrying One of China's Outnumbered Women Continues to Skyrocket The claims come from a survey conducted by Chinese dating site Zhen'ai, which calculated the averages of 6,289 profiles out of its 100 million users.

Beijing men exemplify the willingness of Chinese men who want to smooth over differences with their better halves as soon as possible, represented by 55 percent of men in the survey.

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While the mean age of marriage is rising, marriage is still nearly universal among the Chinese.

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