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The police document also said Bradford was a mental health patient at the Gold Coast University Hospital and had left notes to Ms Bradford saying he "wished he died".

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, Ms Bradford's brother Darren O'Brien thanked the community for its support.

Raheas Ahsan, 18, put the images on social media on November 3 following the breakdown of the eight-month relationship with the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The pictures ended up being plastered on lampposts on the street in Bradford where she lived and copies were sent to member of her family, including her parents.

When Ms Bradford woke, she was dragged by her hair and choked.

Bradford went to the bedroom where he returned with rope and a silver knife or box cutter and told Ms Bradford he was going to tie her up. In the court document, police said Ms Bradford told them in a later interview her husband had threatened to kill her during the assault after being told she was leaving him.

The Gold Coast court that last month bailed the man involved in Tuesday's murder-suicide was told he threatened to kill his estranged wife during a violent attack in November, a police document released to the ABC has shown.

The bodies of David Bradford, 52, and Teresa Bradford, 40, were found in her Pimpama home on the Gold Coast on Tuesday morning.

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Bradford had been in custody for assaulting and choking Ms Bradford in late November, however he was granted bail on January 12.

Police had opposed bail being granted, warning Bradford's fragile mental state made him an "unreasonable risk of causing self-harm or harm towards others".

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