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She thought of her daughter and her friends and her family, the people whom she treasures more in life than any professions, and what might be at stake in returning to the spotlight.

Whether she might lose more than she gained in doing so.

How could Sade, the mother/friend/singer/star cease to be any of these things when each of them, after all, is Sade herself?

"I just want to be who I am in the end, that's all you are anyway.

She has made a marvelous contribution to the media sector for which she is honored with the prestigious Emmy award.

The 44 years old journalist has truly made an illustrious reputation.

So on there are no swooping saxophones and no lush instrumentation.For a long time after first hearing the album I struggled to identify what it recalled, mentally thumbing through my old albums, before realizing that the feeling it evoked had less in common with music than it did with literature. I've thought some of these same thoughts each time I've listened to the new record from Sade. Her music has often seemed stylized—beautifully constructed but ultimately lacking any really convincing passion.I thought of is underscored by a non-specific melancholy, as though Sade's world had been soured beyond hope. But something's happened in recent years, and a different Sade is emerging.Listen to the new album and it's clear that the restraint which marked her previous work has given way to a greater intimacy.Helen Folosade Adu was born in Ibadan, Nigeria, 41 years ago and raised in Colchester, Essex, an unremarkable English backwater, after her mother separated from her NIgerian father when Sade was four.

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