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I did end up setting a static IP, but it didn't fix the problem, assuming I did it right.I looked up port forwarding and found a wide variety of answers.I tried turning it off, holding the power button on the gamepad shut off the gamepad, holding the one on the console did nothing.DId a search of the boards and someone said last night he unplugged his system and it worked after that but I dunno if I'm ready to try that yet.Here's where to do to fix the machine and get back to gaming if your Nintendo Switch is frozen and not working.If your Nintendo Switch freezes, you have a few options.Try moving your device closer to your router before you try any port forwarding, static IP, DNS, and etc.

If so, I have heard of similar issues as far back as the DSi, though with both systems it is quite uncommon. Assuming you can access the System Settings with your 3DS in its current shape, my suggestion would be to turn automatic updates on and keep your 3DS in sleep mode at the main menu with the Wi-Fi turned on for a while (ideally overnight) and see what comes of it. I'll see if I can figure out how to do that for my new, new system. I have found out that it is in fact something with my connection, but I have no idea what.Snap your Switch out of it by sliding it into its dock and then taking it out again.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.After restarting the second time, it showed the Miiverse features even though the update wasn't done, so I tried playing Mario Kart, and that seemed to be going well until I tried using the home menu to close out of the game and my system froze. The second time I updated it, it picked up where the first update left off.I'm trying again now, and it seems to be making progress from scratch or has skipped ahead to a different update. Needless to say, I am extremely agitated with the situation.

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Some even more exceptional scenarios have had people unwittingly downloading beta updates with strange features. This will at least prevent you from partially installing updates again since you need to have downloaded the entire package for it to actually get applied. For the new one, I have whatever the default settings are. Both my new system and my old one (that told me I had corrupted data) can connect online at my local library to download or play games without crashing.