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Movedating ru

So, you consider any woman who approaches a man to be "aggressive?

" There's no such thing as "assertive" or just interested and saying so?

When you write 'I'm deadly allergic to cats' and someone writes with a description that says I love my 3 cats, it says a lot. A lot of them are married or in a serious relationship: "Hi, can you sleep with me without getting attached?

And I'm not kidding when I say that most of them have not read your profile, this is one example of many. I'm married and don't plan to divorce." So no, I don't respond to most messages and no I won't start sending messages the way men do.

Over and over, I've read articles written for guys, telling them to actually read the woman's profile and mention something specific in it when you send a message. ' Yet...that's almost the only kinds of messages I get.

Seriously, if you can't get up the energy to type out the full words 'are' and 'you,' I'm not real hopeful that you'll be able to handle an entire relationship.

It's better for them, if they think I just didn't get the message rather than just rejecting them.

Besides, I don't like aggressive women, its a turn off.

This means, then, that if a woman simply waits for contact, her suitors may be primarily men who are considerably less attractive than herself (again, physically). Get this: Those women who given first message, relative to most women.As soon as you get on, you receive tones of messages.Most of them from men who have not read your description.Taunt me with how we could have hit it off, if only you didn't live thousands of miles away?I always wonder why people of one gender don't read the articles written for the other gender as to what each should do in order to get better reponses.

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It's also telling that men who as a group decidedly contact women more attractive than them, are open to contact from women who are less attractive than the men, and obviously then less attractive than the women the men seem to prefer.