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Thanks to their rounded shape, smooth skin, and ability to move -- shrugging, lifting, rolling -- the shoulders are able to convey emotional nuances remarkably well, Givens says.(Ladies, try a sleeveless top on that big date to help your shoulders do the talking.) You splay your right fingers around your coffee cup; so does he.

Anthropologists call this synchrony of actions "isopraxism" ( meaning "behavior").

Does your loved one move in close to you -- maybe your hips touch when you sit side by side, or your knees knock into his or hers when you sit across from each other?

Smiles warm our hearts -- but not any old smile is a sign of affection.

Couples tend to do this unconsciously as they fall in love; their bodies can't help themselves."You can say, 'I love you' 30 times a day, but if you only touch the person minimally -- rarely hug, kiss, or show appropriate physical affection -- that 'I love you' will ring pretty hollow to him or her," she says.

Best of all, touching is a shared message: "The fingertips are extremely sensitive to touch, so you get a good message right back," Givens says.

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