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Gambar sex

I imagine sea, sand, wind and sun when I smell Dune, all powerful forces of nature but in a barren environment where nothing grows. Dune does not seek to evoke a specific emotion such as happiness. @Pasha - I think Dior never released an EDP version of this. More like a lonely walk down a cloudy beach after the rain. But alas, there was something a little off about my 2011 purchase. It is unique to be sure and the artistry is a force to be reckoned with, as with most Christian Dior creations.The woody aroma in Dune is that of a piece of dry driftwood salted by the water of the ocean. The website only has the EDT, and it has been reformulated gazillion times. I started wearing it in 1992 and boy howdy, the compliments this unique sea creature brought in!! When my bid for it on ebay won I had already decided I didn't want it but it was too late; I was forced to buy it.Now, at 40, I appreciate this for the mellow, spiced beauty that it is. So worthy of us contemplative spirits who love to share our beautiful sorrow on a windswept beach. I regret it as a long time companion when I was a student a university and a young adult.

Overall, high quality EDT which screams luxury and last longer than most of the current EDP offerings. Love the aldehyde blast followed by spicy dry woods. It smells weird and expensive (it is expensive LOL) and I feel I'm in a higher league. I first tried it on while running in the crisp morning air. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship :) This was my signature fragrance in the 90's: it was THE perfume that made strangers stop and compliment me on how beautiful I smelt!

There is also an oakmossy, aldehydic, almost chypre feel to this fragrance at some points. Now I'm ready to ruminate it up hard, this thing we call life... But time goes on and LVMH is focused on benefits not in creation or respect for the legacy of its iconic brands. I can't fathom this perfume before June or after September.

The consensus seems to be that this is a summer fragrance, but I adore Dune on cool evenings. Fast forward again 2017...bought a vintage bottle on Ebay. ;) When Indian summer starts rolling in, Dune is coming out. Not something I wear for work, leisure time or just to hang around the house, but something for special occasions, like an art vernissage, conservatively dressed with pearl studs and a pearl necklace, the hair up in a bun. This is a very modern retro fragrance - if such a description makes sense at all! It is bright high summer sunshine to me, but in a grown up way.

I am happy for it`s adaptability, it`s originality. But Dunes is one of the few perfumes I would be offended to get as a gift.

Hot, sun beat sands - something very wild, spicy, sexy, nostalgic, and unanticipated for a summer scent nowadays with the light, aqua-y, sunny citrus, or cool more modern offerings of late. Having said that, I did get it once as a gift from my ex. It was a sweet vanilla perhaps, warm smell that I could not stand.

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To me Dune is the olfactory painting of a very specific place on the African continent. I can imagine being in a desert, the frankincense doesn't feel out of place at all. I'm sorry for it, because the drydown yields some very warm and appealing notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood. I'm not channeling sand dunes or desert air; rather I smell dank earth and deep forest, likely due to oakmoss and patchouli.

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