Dating for depressed people

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Dating for depressed people

I have nothing against anyone who suffers from clinical/severe depression,,, I do feel for them .for me after a bad experience of living with someone with clinical/severe depression , the stress it caused , the arguing , the moods , Was just too much for me it was making me depressed , so i have to admit i would avoid someone if i knew they had it as i know i wouldnt want to go through the same experience again .....i think alot of people on here have been through the mill and around the block a few times when it comes to broken they dont want the hassle anymore of being with a difficult person.not saying you are a difficult person or anyone else who suffers from depression is.some people might not want to take the chance..i would never date a woman who is always talking about suicide and slashing her wrists.etc id run a mile to be honest.thats my choice.too old and tired to be around negative people now that i think will drag me down.if that makes me a shallow be it..

There's alot of shallow people out on dating websites.

I couldnt honestly say what a potential girlfriend would think of it.. just because I think that way though doesnt mean that other people do.

one day someone will come along who will be perfect for you.

I was wondering if when the time is right, or the situation arises, would a potential girlfriend be put off by me admitting to this.

And yes I sympathise with depression and mental illness, I have loved ones suffering.

Depression has a variance, you would need to also consider that it can have a impact on a person as well as a relationship.

Clinical depression can have major impacts on both the person and your relationship.

I am pretty sure we all suffer with health issues in one way or another.

I don't think it shows that they're shallow It possibly shows that they're not willing to date someone who's depressed. There's not a chance in this or any other reality, that I'd even consider it and I can see why many other people would not be keen on the idea of doing so themselves. it makes me protect myself from feeling negativity from a partner which could in turn bring me down and put me in a depressive state.

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