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Even business processes between individual departments that are similar but unrelated provide opportunities for unifying information management solutions.Figure 1 shows an example of a typical business process. However, managing the array of data collection tools and all the disparate information is difficult.Reliable integration and secure sharing of data are constant challenges for IT organizations.For example, compliance regulations for public companies result in business requirements that in turn translate into company-wide information management policies.These policies affect data gathering solutions across departmental boundaries and often lead to duplicated efforts within individual departments—for instance, rules around the collection of personally identifiable information gathered by an HR department (handling employee info) and a customer- service department (handling customer info).And, for the most part, Info Path form designers do not need detailed knowledge of XML, Web services, solution architectures, ASP. In this article, I will discuss how you can build flexible data-gathering solutions using Info Path 2007, Office Share Point Server 2007, and Forms Services.

But if your environment is like the one I work in, Share Point is just one platform among many.

Driving organizational change across a company is not easy, but with the Office system technologies you can build a solid foundation to facilitate these changes.

Info Path 2007 enables individual departments to create forms applications that integrate with centralized, standardized, information management systems.

Standards and service-oriented architectures are evolving, making it easier for IT professionals to make data more accessible, more securely.

But while you have the tools and technologies you need to build an efficient enterprise architecture, it is far too common to get caught in a net of proprietary interfaces—and this leads to isolated solutions.

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Note that when I refer to "data gathering" I am referring to the process of collecting information from human sources.