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Aperture updating mobileme

Three years ago I covered London Fashion Week for Nick Knight’s online fashion and art project SHOWstudio.Nick had asked if I would shoot as many shows as possible over the seven days, make edits and selects and then upload directly to the SHOWstudio current projects website.However, even when I’m working in a studio and have a smaller number of files to manage, there are still the tiny nuances in an expression or highlights in eyes that are deep in shadow, that cause me to sit for hours pondering whether it’s this one or that.For most of us, both Capture One and Photoshop can sometimes feel daunting and a little confusing, but they are both essential.Even more so with extended range support,which may help recover highlight or shadow detail from RAW files.After days of editing and post production, I can now simply put my edit into one album and export it as a library and consolidate all the files along with all post production instructions.I am especially interested in the presets being applied to each capture along with the capability to save to two drives simultaneously.

Maybe because I shoot so many frames, I have found editing my work to be one of the most challenging disciplines to learn.Usually, I will make anything up to five edits using smart albums (I just hit anything from one to five and the smart album function does the rest).And now I can flag and colour code files even within the five edits.Fast forward…and I’ve just finished a studio shoot for L’Oréal at Iris Studios in London.I shot tethered and, as per nearly all my studio shoots, we used Capture One Pro, which is, of course, an excellent capture solution and has now earned its rightful place as the industry standard in close partnership with Photoshop.

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