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Bucky did a pretty good job filling in for Steve, but, this being superhero comics, Steve eventually came back.

However, Steve felt that wielding the shield was good for Bucky and insisted that he continue on as Captain America until his apparent death in the storyline, Steve will be forced to hand over the title of Captain America to his old partner Sam Wilson, the Falcon, after the Super Soldier Serum is removed from him, turning him into an old man.

have lasted as long, been as influential, became as famous, or transcended their original time better than him.

As a skinny orphan artist who grew up in The Great Depression, Steve Rogers Jumped at the Call, but the US Army declared him 4-F (unfit for service), and handed him over to Operation: Rebirth, an Allied Powers project headed by Professor Erksine to create a Super Soldier for the war effort.

All of it came to an end in the 2017 Crisis Crossover where eventually thanks to the efforts of other heroes (including Sam Wilson), Kobik restored reality and the real Steve Rogers returned, defeated Nazi!

Steve and resumed being the real Captain America, though the latter still somehow existed. In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Captain America is still skinny Steve Rogers-turned buff superhero-turned poster boy for the war effort, but Darker and Edgier.

Injected with Super Serum and bombarded with radiation, Rogers' treatment proved a complete success with his scrawny body suddenly enhanced to the maximum human potential.

Unfortunately, a Nazi spy immediately assassinated Dr.

Cap took that advice, and while the Red Skull drove Rick away when impersonating Cap, Rogers got a new partner, The Falcon, who was with him for years.In the cynical 1980s, Rogers would be forced out of his Cap persona and replaced by an Anti-Hero Substitute, John Walker, only to serve as The Captain to show his ideals still had power in the The Dark Age of Comic Books, loyal to nothing but The American Dream. In 2007, Rogers even took up armed resistance to the American crackdown on the superhero community in the , until he surrendered and was assassinated.Eventually, Cap learned that this was all arranged by the Red Skull to sully his name and took back his old motif with Walker getting Rogers' Captain costume to be U. Even though Word of God stated that he was Killed Off for Real, nobody believed it.Notably, Sam is the first person Steve has chosen to wield the shield.While Steve has expressed his approval of and respect for Captains America William Naslund, Jeff Mace, Isaiah Bradley, Bucky Barnes, etc., it was always after the fact.

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Erksine at that moment and the formula of the treatment, which was never completely written down, was lost forever.

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