Alex gaskarth and hayley williams dating

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Alex gaskarth and hayley williams dating

That doesn't bode well for Frank, who is trying to survive his junior year of high school while feeling completely alone.

With their pasts, this year is going to be far from easy. Awsten is a total zumiez-worker reject who's just barely skating by in his senior year; key word, barely.

“Hey Tay” I said when I found her at We Are The In Crowd’s merch booth. I got tired of waiting so I came here” she laughed. Sorry” she smiled and I agreed and stood next to the tent. Go meet Tay” he smiled and kissed me before I left his bus and went to find Tay. Um, I’m needed here for 10 more minutes so would you mind waiting a little bit longer? ” I asked looking around the bus and realising there was no one else there. “Yeah, I’d love to” I smiled and Taylor said goodbye before hanging up. ” “Yeah, good, way better than when I was with Luke” I said pulling my phone out of my pocket to answer a call from Taylor. “Hey Hayley, Vic wants to know if you want to sing ‘Hold on Till May’ with him at their last show” he said. It had been 4 weeks since we secretly started dating and 2 people knew already. I watched Hayley jump around on stage and occasionally she’d look side stage where I was standing with Cassadee and Rian.

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“And you have to go into the studio, I get it” I said and stood up from my position on the lounge.

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